Award-winning series stand no chance against Suleyman and Romanian comedies

Following the Golden Globe Awards, everybody is talking about what is hot in cinemas and television. Media in Romania, as everywhere in the world, reported the winners, even if many of them are unknown to the Romanian public. January is also the month of the most mid-season premieres of the American television shows, which are among the most popular in the world. But can Romanians watch these series, and do they do it?

Best TV Series, Drama category winner Breaking Bad has entered the Guinness World Records book for being the most critically acclaimed TV show of all time.Well, acclaimed in most places – not in Romania, however, where none of the broadcast or cable networks is airing it. 
Although, in good news for fans, all its seasons can be watched on the Romanian video-on-demand service
The other nominees are also totally absent on Romanian TVs, with the exception of The Good Wife, broadcast on Diva Universal, a cable channel with an average prime time rating of 0.4 percent.
In the Best TV Series, Musical or Comedy category the situation is slightly better however the winner Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a comedy series launched in fall 2013, hasn’t made its way on to Romanian television yet.
Besides its own hit series Girl, premium cable network HBO also airs multiple award-winning Modern Family series on its HBO Comedy channel. British hit series Downton Abbey or American on-demand Internet streaming media Netflix’s own drama, House of Cards are absent. House of Cards is again to be seen on the video-on-demand platform Voyo.
In fact, only one single show from the top ten of IMDb’s (Internet Movie Database) list of Most Popular TV Series Released in 2013 was aired in Romania: History’s Vikings.
Cable channels like Pro Cinema (ranked 16th on the prime time ratings list), AXN (17th), Diva Universal or Universal Channel (20th and 21st) aired well know television series like Dexter, Hannibal, Arrow, Psych, Royal Pains or Scandal, all garnering modest audiences.
According to official TV Ratings provided by Kantar Media, the most watched TV series in 2013 in Romania was The Magnificent, a Turkish historical drama aired under the name of Suleyman, with almost 2.1 million viewers per episode (11 rating /19,5 share).
The Turkish series has grown in popularity in the past years, becoming popular in the Balkans and South Eastern Europe.
The next four positions were occupied by Romanian series produces by the biggest broadcast network PRO TV.
Las Fierbinti (in picture), a comedy about life in rural Romania, aired on Thursdays during prime time, attracted more viewers every season, with an average of 1.8 million (9,6 rating / 17,6 share) for season 4.
The only American series on the top 10 is the first season of the new Dallas, with an average of 1.2 million viewers (6,5 rating / 12,9 share) per episode.
Nine of the top 20 spots are Romanian productions, four are Turkish, three American and Indian and one is Korean (aired on the Romanian public television TVR).
All of them were aired on the top 6 networks, a sign that most of the Romanian viewers are choosing favorite channels and not shows.
PRO TV, the most watched Romanian network made an attempt last September to follow international trends and started airing the first season of The Walking Dead three days a week, at 23:00. In the first week it came out 15th (rating 2,4 / share 7,4), with 252,000 viewers and remained in the same spot until it was replaced.
The only production constantly present on screens every weekday since 1996 is the legendary American soap opera The Young and the Restless, with a stable fan base of 250,000 (2,4 rating / 10,2 share).

Note: Rating = the estimated percent of all TV households or persons tuned to a specific station.
Share (of Audience) = the percent of households which are tuned to a specific program or station at a specified time.   

Photo: Facebook/LasFierbintiRomania