Romanian team at the Stihl Timbersports World Championship 2014

Teams representing 23 countries, including Romania, competed last weekend at the Innsbruck Olympic Arena in Austria at the Stihl Timbersports World Championship 2014. The total prizes of the competition worth 60 000 Euro.
The members of the Romanian team were Csongor Nagy, Ioan Nyamcsuk, Botond Nagy, Dan Petrescu and Cornel Pleş, the contestants who had the best results at the National Championship organized in August near the city of Arad (Western Romania).
The contest involves six disciplines: Springboard, Stock Saw, Standing Block, Underhand Chop, Single Buck and Hot Saw (using a customized chain saw with a modified engine).
Friday took place the Team Relay Championships, followed by the Individual World Championships on Saturday. Romania was in group with four other countries: The Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Turkey.
Current Romanian Champion, 26 years old Csongor Nagy didn’t pass the individual qualifications for the first five places. His best result was the fifth place at the Stock Saw category.
The Romanian team met Denmark in the second change of the qualification and missed the eight finals by only three and half minutes.
The 2014 World Championship was broadcast live on the internet and will be aired on Eurosport channel on December 12.
Stihl Timbersports Series was founded in 1985 and is considered the major league of lumberjack sports worldwide, testing athletes’ strength, endurance and skill in a series of thrilling, high-octane chopping and sawing events.
The Romanian Championship is organized every year, since 2009.

The Romanian team

Romanian champion Csongor Nagy

Botond Nagy at the team competition
Photos: The Official Stihl Timbersports Series Facebook page